Monday, August 10, 2009

Back itch? Sunstroke? Only a Frenchie knows for sure.

You know, when you get to be Ash's age, committing to this type of pose is an undertaking. It took her seven minutes to get back upright. When interviewed, she confirmed it was worth every minute.


  1. My pug has never been able to do that. Every so often she'll try for a little while. I want to help, but she'd bite me. And when she gives up she looks so ashamed.

    It's probably a good thing she can't do that. I'd about die. Too cute.

  2. Yeah pretty much an entire dog birthday party ground to a halt so we could watch the Miracle on the Deck. And none of the others do it, either. So weird.

    Btw, I love how all your stories about your dog end with, "but she'd bite me." She sounds like SUCH a character.